e-auction: Two liquor vends go for Rs 6.8 crore

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Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 7

In the third round of e-tendering held today, the UT Excise and Taxation Department received five bids for two of the six leftover liquor vends. After opening of the e-financial bids, two liquor vends were sold and the department received a revenue of Rs6.80 crore, an increase of 14.39 per cent over the reserve price of Rs5.95 crore.

The auction has got an overwhelming response as the department collected a total revenue of Rs453.39 crore from 92 liquor vends in the shape of licence fee, against a reserve price of Rs365.05 crore, registering an increase of approximately 24.20 per cent over the reserve price.

The department received Rs6.51 crore in the shape of participation fee.

An analysis of the successful bidders revealed that no single entity was allotted more than eight vends.

The financial bids were opened in the presence of the allotment committee and an observer appointed by the UT Administration.

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